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Lesser Twayblade
Listera cordata
Common Twayblade
Listera ovata
   (L.) R. Br.
Rattle Beaks
Lyperanthus serratus
GT 2.0

Common Twayblade
Listera ovata
Toknäs udde, Öland, Rootsi - 2016-06-24
© Hans Bister


  • Neottia ovata: Dyntaxa (2013). Svensk taxonomisk databas. Besökt på www.dyntaxa.se den 7 februari 2014
  • Neottia ovata: Dyntaxa (2012) Swedish Taxonomic Database. Accessed at http://www.dyntaxa.se
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    Scientific Classification
    Kingdom Plants
    Phylum Flowering plants
    Class Monocotyledons
    Order Asparagales
    Family Orchidaceae
    Genus Listera
    Species Common Twayblade
    (L.) R. Br.
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    central Europe, eastwards to central Siberia: Denmark; Finland; Iceland; Ireland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom; Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Germany; Hungary; Netherlands; Poland; Slovakia; Switzerland; Belarus; Moldova; Ukraine [incl. Krym]; Albania; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Croatia; Greece [incl. Crete]; Italy [incl. Sardinia, Sicily]; Macedonia; Montenegro; Romania; Serbia; Slovenia; France [incl. Corsica]; Spain; Afghanistan; Iran [n.]; Syria [w.]; Turkey; Azerbaijan; Georgia; Russian Federation - European part, Ciscaucasia, Altay, Buryatia, Gorno-Altay, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Krasnoyarsk, Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tomsk, Tyumen; Kyrgyzstan; Pakistan [n.]
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